Kingdom Realms Game Rules


Kingdom Realms is an online game which is intended to be a fun place for everybody involved. The accounts are not real, nor is the in-game money or the items. The only thing real in Kingdom Realms are the people playing it. Remember that! By using this website, you agree not to insult, bully or personal attack anybody. The rules listed below are binding to all players, but some obvious rules may not be listed. In general, if you think that something might be illegal, because you wouldn't do it with or to people you meet in real life, it probably is.

Although Kingdom Realms is not responsible for any action, opinion or content a player of Kingdom Realms performs in the game, or outside the game, we do not tolerate any form of discrimination against people based on gender, skin color, sexual preference, religion or personal beliefs. This is strictly prohibited. Anyone breaking this rule can and will be punished.
Any player found to be actively discriminating against another player or member of society in any way, will have their accounts terminated and further action may be taken. This rule applies, but is not limited to, character name, message board posts and chat rooms.

Rules and punishments

Your account

  • Your account is yours, and yours alone. Keep your login details secret. You are responsible for everything done with your account. If you have reason to believe you are hacked, contact an admin as soon as possible to have your account suspended. Even in the case of a hack, you remain responsible for your account.
  • Each player can have only one account. If you are found to have more accounts (multis) your main account may be suspended or deleted, and the others will be deleted.
  • Accountsharing is not permitted. If you are found to be sharing an account, your account will be suspended.
  • It is not allowed to let someone else use your account in case of prolonged absence ("account sitting").
  • Anyone found to be involved in account sharing or account sitting will have his account suspended or deleted.
  • No transactions may be done between accounts using the same IP. This includes the transfer of items, game money or attacks. This also includes transactions using middle men (another party on a different IP, or use of a proxy). If you are found to be making transactions between two or more accounts with the same IP or use of a proxy(with or without the use of a middle man) you, and any accomplices, will be treated as multi's. Anyone playing the game just to send items to another player will also be treated as a middleman
  • Any transactions involving Realms, using the same IP or use of a proxy will be treated as multi's.
  • All accounts are tied to the account holder. It is not allowed to sell your account, nor is it allowed to buy an account. Any account found to have been sold, or transferred to another individual, will be deleted.


  • Privacy - Anyone found to be publishing any personal information about a player, be it about location, gender, age, race, or anything else, will be punished. This rule does not apply for information which is published with the players approval. Breaking the privacy rule may lead to your account being deleted.
  • Player harassment - It is never allowed to harass another player. However, some things are allowed (and encouraged) as part of the game, such as attacking other players, or warring other Realms. Clearly, players will be posting in the forums about such wars. If a player attacks another player, or wars him/her, this is a normal part of gameplay. Also, posts in which you bluff, or "smacktalk" are considered a normal part of the game. However, continued targeting of a particular person may constitute harassment. In all harassment cases, staff will determine whether or not the acts constitute harassment. Also, punishment will be decided upon by staff. There is a minimum penalty to harassment of a 7 day suspension of your account. Stronger penalties may be given if considered appropriate
  • Staff harassment - Kingdom Realms staff members work hard to provide you with a fun game experience. As such, they deserve your respect. Under no condition will you attack a member of staff personally.
  • Begging is not allowed. Everybody had to work to get what he has. Why should it be different for you? If you are found begging, you may receive a mail- or forum ban of at least 3 days.
  • Any non-English language is forbidden in forums, mails, profiles and images. Kingdom Realms reserves the right to remove and non-English words, phrases or images from anywhere within the game at any time. Staff cannot moderate what they cannot read.

Fair play

  • All players agree not to cheat in any way.
  • If you are found cheating, all the gains you made from it will be deleted.
  • Also, cheaters will be punished based on the severity of the offence. Punishment may include fines (payable in Kingdom Realms assets, which will be automatically credited), the reduction of stats or other alterations in your account, suspension of your account or deletion.
  • The use of software to assist in the game is strictly prohibited ("Bots"). All actions in the game must be performed by the player personally, without use of any (automated) system. Accounts involved in the use of such software will be suspended.
  • Bugs - If you find a bug, loopholes, security flaws, or any inconsistencies in the game, you should use the bug report function to report the bug to admins. However, if you suspect the bug can be abused to gain an advantage in the game, you must report this via a private in-game message to one or more of the admins (ranked admin). You also are not allowed to abuse the bug yourself.
  • Staged fights are not allowed. Staged fights are fights where you pay another player to attack you.
  • Nor can you stage other actions to get ahead in other areas of the game

Forums and mail

  • Flooding and spamming - No flooding and/or spamming the message boards or personal in-game messages. Violation of this rule will lead to a forum- or mail ban of at least 3 days, and maximal 45 days.
  • Swearing - Swearing is not allowed in the forums. In-game messages may contain swearing. However, if the receiver of a message is offended by this, he can report the message, and the sender can receive a mail ban.

Player profiles, shio descriptions etc.

  • The player is responsible for the contents of his profile, realm description and any part of the site of which he has some form of control at all times.
  • Kingdom Realms staff reserves the right to modify, delete, or refuse player content. Music players and videos must not be on auto play at any time. If you are unsure how to achieve these capabilities, please follow the guide in the Players Corner. Repeated failure to follow these rules may result in having individual components or your entire profile removed.
  • The Player's name may be no more than 16 characters and may not consist of any abusive or harsh language, and may not contain any form of begging or advertising.

Trading items etc.

  • Selling accounts and/or game items or money for real currency, real items or services is strictly prohibited. Any account that is found to have been sold/bought will be deleted. Any account found to be actively trading items for real currency will be punished.


  • No scams are allowed in Kingdom Realms. Scammers will be severely punished, penalties may involve deletion of accounts, or an IP-ban. A scam can be any dishonest conduct in trades, or deals.
  • If you have been scammed, you should report the player immediately.
  • You are not entitled to have any lost items, game money or other objects returned. All deals made with others are at your own risk. If a deal sounds to good to be true... it probably is. Staff is not here to act as a safety net for your transactions.

Staff conduct

  • Staff members are obliged to perform their tasks to the best of their capabilities.
  • Staff is obliged to communicate in a respectful manner with players and other staff.
  • No staff shall be involved in a case in which he may have a personal interest. A staff member who suspects that such an interest may be involved, or who feels that the impression may arise that such an interest is involved, will refer the case to another member of staff.
  • Staff members will hear both sides of the story. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to respond without having all the facts, such as when the defendant is not available for investigation, or does not cooperate. There may be other situations where swift response is necessary. In such cases, the defendant is not entitled to compensation.
  • All players who have been punished have the right to appeal. If you wish to, you can file an appeal to a higher ranked member of staff. In your appeal, provide all relevant information and be respectful.
  • Staff members may also play the game. Staff members must separate their "staff-identity" from their player identity.
  • No member of staff will use his powers to further himself in the game. Nor shall any member of staff abuse his powers in any other way. Players can report a member of staff. Player reports about members of staff will be dealt with by admins.


  • Any player found to have broken a rule or policy will have the gains from his offense removed. Additionally, offenders will be punished. Punishments can include, but are not limited to: warnings, fines (in game-items or game-currency), which will be taken immediately, account suspensions, deletion of the account, or the attachment of special conditions to the continued use of this website. Appeals do not interfere with the validity of the penalty given.
  • Repeated offenders will be punished stronger than first offenders.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Kingdom Realms' idea of a medieval game came from the owner's own thoughts and ideas and from the knowledge and original thoughts he experienced from his own life and/or imagination he has thought about since his childhood. Any similarity to any others ideas is strictly coincidental, any suggestions, images or other used in kingdom realms, will become the property of kingdom realms.


  • Hacking will be treated as applicable by United States laws. Hacking is not allowed and will be punishable by prosecution. If an account is hacked, it will be returned to its rightful owner, provided the player can prove his identity. However, you remain responsible for anything done through your account, so any items or money that you lose, will be lost forever. Kingdom Realms is not responsible for your account. Once again: treat your log-in details carefully.

Server Abuse

  • Any attempt to cause harm or to undermine the server being used by Kingdom Realms is strictly prohibited and punishable by law. Any resources will be made available to determine the cause in such cases.

No warranty

Kingdom Realms does not supply any warranty at any time. Lost items due to server problems, faulty programming or any other technical reason, are not guaranteed to be returned. We also do not guarantee an undisturbed performance.

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